Radiant MediaLyzer 2

An open source JavaScript library to detect media-related features

Radiant MediaLyzer tells you what your browser (or web environment) can do with media content

Current version: 2.2.0 · Open source on GitHub · MIT licensed · Brought to you by Radiant Media Player

Media features

HTML5 Video

Basic features

  • Video tag
  • Autoplay attribute
  • PlaybackRate attribute
  • Loop attribute
  • Muted attribute

H.264 video / AAC audio in .mp4

H.264 Profile
  • Baseline 3.0
  • Main 3.0
  • High 3.0
H.264 Level
  • Main 4.0
  • Main 5.0
  • Main 5.1
  • Main 5.2

H.264 video / Dolby Audio in .mp4

  • H.264/AC-3
  • H.264/EC-3 (Dolby Digital Plus)

Native HLS (.m3u8 playlist with H.264/AAC in .ts)

  • HLS

Where native HLS to HTML5 video support is not available MSE-based JavaScript implementation could be used (example: hls.js)

Native MPEG-DASH (.mpd manifest with H.264/AAC)


Where native MPEG-DASH to HTML5 support is not available MSE-based JavaScript implementation could be used (example: dash.js)

VP8/VP9 in .webm

  • VP8/Vorbis
  • VP9/Vorbis
  • VP9/Opus

Daala, Theora, Dirac in .ogg

  • Daala/Opus
  • Theora/Vorbis
  • Dirac/Vorbis

MPEG-4 Visual Simple Profile Level 0 video / AAC audio in .3gpp

  • MPEG-4 Visual

HTML5 Audio

Basic features

  • HTML5 audio

AAC in .m4a

  • AAC-LC
  • HE-AAC
  • HE-AACv2

Native HLS (.m3u playlist with AAC in .aac)

  • HLS

MPEG in .mp3

  • MP3

Vorbis/Opus in .webm

  • Vorbis in .webm
  • Opus in .webm

Vorbis/Opus/FLAC/Speex in .ogg

  • Vorbis in .ogg
  • Opus in .ogg
  • FLAC in .ogg
  • Speex in .ogg

PCM in .wav

  • WAVE

WebAudio API

  • Web Audio API

Media Source Extensions

  • Media Source Extensions
  • MSE .mp4 with H.264/AAC support
  • MSE .mp4 with H.264/MP3 support
  • MSE .mp4 with H.264/AC3 support
  • MSE .ts with H.264/AAC support
  • MSE .webm with VP9/Opus support
  • MSE .webm with VP8/Vorbis support

Encrypted Media Extensions & DRM

  • Encrypted Media Extensions
  • requestMediaKeySystemAccess
  • Google Widevine CDM
  • Microsoft PlayReady CDM
  • Adobe Primetime CDM
  • W3C ClearKey CDM


  • Canvas tag
  • Canvas text API
  • Canvas blending
  • Canvas WebGL

Web Workers

  • Worker API

Device features

User agent string


  • Online status:
  • Current URL:
  • Protocol:

Native Fullscreen


  • Viewport width:
  • Viewport height:

Flash support (using swfobject.js)

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